Helping Small Businesses in all Central Florida with their Graphic Design needs

We help you with all your design needs! Packaging Included

MajorLogo is a small company based in Orlando Florida, dedicated to help small and medium businesses with their needs in the area of ​​graphic design, printing, corporate identity (creation of logos, corporate garments, personalized stationery and much more)

We know that it is not easy to start a new company or that it is not easy to accommodate a budget for a small or medium business, just as we know that this budget for marketing tools and corporate identity is limited or sometimes non-existent, we have decided to create some packages or combos that adapt to the customer’s needs without exploiting their budget.

What makes us unique?

These packages have been created under a specific market study, taking into account the most necessary products and with more demand for small and medium enterprises. They respond to the public’s needs and you can find it in specific varieties and variations according to the requirements you need.

No job is too big or too small.

At the Head of our Team we have Paola Andrea Jolley with a Bachelors in Business Communications and Journalism with more than 11 years of experience in graphic design, also with specializations in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

We have strategic allies to work in different areas of graphic design. With MajorLogo you will not have one but several companies working for you, without the need to pay more.

With high attention to detail we make you as a customer feel more confident about the quality of your product and our full support will allow you to feel satisfied  when receiving the final work.

All our graphic design pieces will be delivered to our clients in formats that you can work with  later, either one more time with us or with other graphic design companies, you will have all design rights.

Let our small company make yours a great one !!!